I have to thank you right now because there are so many reasons that I could tell myself that what I provide to viewers just isn’t worth anything and I kind of did for a long time. That came through in how I asked them to join me because I just wasn’t confident. Taylor….I got my first $100 patreon and I am so excited and blown away! I wouldn’t have the confidence to do what I love if it weren’t for you. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ you have truly inspired me and given me balls to do more and I’m just forever grateful

-Holistic Deb

Thank you Taylor for the inspiration to make goals! Today I increased my average super heart amount by 200% by doing challenges throughout the broadcast!
– Rae Hering

I have been trying your advice in my relationship. My girlfriend and I are doing much better now and it is all thanks to your positive vibes and really great videos. From the bottom of my heart I thank you.
– John Anthony

Thanks for spreading the good vibes/positivity
– Miles Lehman

You’re truly an inspiration and light 💕💕💕
– Taryn Finley

I’m here for the book reviews, & the positivity… Mostly the positivity.
– Todd Coffman

Always love your positivity! Thank you!!
– Justin

Thanks for being such an inspiration and a friendly face when someone needs a smile!
– Kirstin Wright

Having you as a friend has pulled me out of dark days a few times. Keep being you, I love you Taylor. Be a corn 👩🏼‍🌾
– Katie Lee

An amazing close-knit community with people who care for each other and share common goals and work on achieving them with the guidance and expertise of Taylor and her positive content. So glad I found this valuable resource. It will change your life for the better. It won’t happen overnight (what does?) but I have taken steps in the right direction. Like Taylor said you’re not alone.
– Mike M.

I’ve never been good with words but I wanted to let you know you’ve built more than a business, you’ve created a safe haven, you’ve created a home. And more than just followers you’ve brought together a family and family never gives up on one another!
– Mr. Biggz

Your asmr broadcasts have given me the best sleep of my life. I work for the county jails, and coming home I can’t get work out of my head sometimes. Thank you Taylor.
– J. Castillo

Your channel helped me to develop my emotional confidence as a person to help personal relationships in my life. I have had girlfriends before but my last relationship ended badly and my confidence was knocked but just periscope and your scope mainly has helped me.
– Sepitom Berelian

You have made me a winner three times now. 👏😲❤ [Twice through giveaways, but the] first time I won was when I stumbled upon your broadcasts. Your openness, your energy, your story, your continued success, and complete honesty to myself and to others have helped open my eyes and take a good look within myself. For that I am most grateful.
– Jeffrey

Before I had the incredible of honor of finding this channel, My life before this nearly came crashing down because of what I lost. The day I found the FemYoga Community was the day it finally began to take a positive turn, one step, and one day at a time. Taylor, the creator of this channel, inspires the ability of moving forward. With everything she’s been through and accomplished, it makes her an excellent advocate of bringing out the best in people. I know this because she inspires me everyday to be the best version of me when I wake up every morning. If you’re looking for hope…she’s it. Come be a part of this inspiring community, and I promise you, her words of encouragement will always inspire you to never give up on your life 🙂 Thank you Taylor for everything you do not just for me, but for the people who continue to struggle day in and day out. Hope is real people. I know, I found it
– Anthony 😎🙏🌎👏👏📚✌

I think you are amazing and that you are able to connect with everyone in your scopes and treat them as if they are the only person in the room. You are so calming and with the previous skill you you make this crazy blue marble much more peaceful and fun. Keep up the great work. Thank You!
– Walter

There are so many things I can say about this amazing business woman who has changed people’s lives for the better. Follow this amazing business coach to learn what your dreams can be if you follow them – keep up the amazing work Taylor.
– Claudia Bethy

“Taylor’s E-book “How to make money on Periscope” opened my eyes to see many opportunities that are in front of me on periscope. And gladly enough I can equally use the same strategy with any of my other businesses. I am happy to mention here that I have started implementing some of the things she shared in the book, which I sincerely think are much more than what she charges for the book.
I am grateful for purchasing Taylor’s book, and I am even more thankful for connecting with this incredible human being here on periscope.
Thank Taylor for sharing this fantastic wealth knowledge with us.
You are a blessing.”
– Nkechi Ajaeroh

“Taylor I can’t THANK YOU enough for what you have done for me ! These past 6 months have been so EXTREMELY hard with the passing of my dad that having you in my life you have made it SO much better & my days brighter!  You have opened up my heart which has had a huge hole inside of it &  you have made me feel love again! You have such a beautiful lovely soul that it just radiates off of you  & your smile can light up the world with it! Even in LOS ANGELES I can always feel your beautiful presence here ! Taylor your absolutely BRILLIANT THANK YOU AGAIN FOR EVERYTHING!”
– Sarah Warren

“I consider myself to be a fairly successful person.  With that said, I’m always growing and seeking out new and innovative methods to keep positivity levels high and my focus concentrated with regard to wealth creation, relationships, and personal health.  Taylor is by far the most real, intelligent, and emotionally mature person I’ve met in a long time when it comes to discussing these key aspects of life.  Some of the positive changes I’ve made in my business and my personal life are directly related to ideas and beliefs that she expresses as well as discussions that have taken place in her ever growing positive community.   I highly recommend her coaching and her channel as a way to improve your life in the most positive way possible. I am also grateful for the work and energy she puts into building others up in a world that is designed to tear people down.  The world is definitely a better place thanks to Taylor and FemYoga.”
– Ed Barski

“My whole life I’ve always been shy, but this turned into social anxiety over the last several years as I gained weight and became depressed.  I lost all of my self confidence. At one point I weighed over 300 lbs and was placed on blood pressure medication and my doctor was considering cholesterol medication.  I had ultimately given up on making the life that I wanted and instead was choosing to let life happen to me.  Then, I found Taylor and FemYoga.

Taylor’s positive attitude, knowledge, advice, and the great community she has created inspired me and gave me the motivation to take back my own life.  I’ve taken control of my own financial situation.  I have taken back control of my own health, and in the last 5 months have lost 60lbs.  Most importantly, I feel positive about where my life is headed.  In order for it to work I had to want to help myself, but Taylor has provided the example that I want to follow.  I cannot thank her enough, and want to help her make a difference in so many more lives.  This is why I choose to support FemYoga.”
– NickBG50

“Working with Taylor has been an eye opening experience. She has the ability to make you feel empowered. The topic of monetising my content was a no go area for me, but once I conversed with Taylor, I managed to see things completely differently, and now, I am earning more money doing what I love, than having to be in a job I feel uncomfortable in.”
– Sonam108

“I really appreciate you Taylor, you made me believe it’s possible to change my live streaming life. Thank you”
– Ruby Noosa

“Knowing you and coming to your class have taught me how to let go of the things that upset me to a point I would lose focus on the things that are important. You have taught me to be strong and mindful. You and the girls have shown me the type of people I want to be around and helped me recognize the ones that I don’t. I go to your class to feel strong, to get stronger, to find peace and to learn peace. I have the confidence now to know my own mind and to know where I want to be in my life. I have the confidence to know I can do anything. I have become a better and more centered person because of you, the class and the girls. Namaste”
– Cindy C.

“Oh my gosh, Taylor is the sweetest, most gentle yoga instructor I have met! I am not in the best of shape and she is patient and kind in working within my abilities. I love working with her and highly recommend you all her today! You and your body, soul and spirit will be glad you did!”
– Julie B.

“Playful yoga that strengthens and stretches my body with just the easy modifications I need.”
– Abigail T.

“Taylor’s yoga class is relaxing, engaging, and a pleasure each time. I’d love to practice with her again!”
– Melyssa B.