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Coaching calls are now available to help you with:

  • Processing your thoughts, feelings, and ideas to help you find clarity and purpose
  • Identifying your goals
  • Staying accountable and on track toward those goals
  • Managing the complexities of life

After you purchase your session, Nex will email you to book a time for the call.

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Since 2009, Nex has been passionate about helping people who are struggling. Most of this passion comes from her own experience as a teenager, when she struggled with dark thoughts, emotions, and self-harming behaviors. She resolved to share with others the tools that helped her, to show people that positive change is possible. It doesn’t always have to be hard, or lonely. In 2017, Nex started live streaming. She realized that she wasn’t just teaching people how to change their lives, she was also creating a safe space for people to connect with others from all around the world. She went back to school, attaining her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, and graduated with honors in 2022. She intends to obtain her Master’s Degree and to become a licensed counselor in the future. 

In 2023, Nex started working with a coach. Coaching has become a powerful new tool in Nex’s toolbox, to the point where she had to become one herself. Coaching has helped her to stay focused and streamlined. She knows that she can use it to help others. In fact, when she took the High5 Strengths test, Coaching was ranked as her #1 strength. Nex is a natural born coach. She is an ENTJ personality type with countless hours invested in studying and engaging in personal development techniques. She has a knack for picking up on key details and patterns when listening to someone. She has a strong ability to stay focused and to keep others focused. She challenges people to have the life they want and she truly believes they deserve to have it. She pays attention, is a meticulous note-taker, and always stays curious. She asks questions to help get to the heart of the matter, and holds people accountable to their own dreams. Yet, she is warm, friendly, and approachable. As a Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher, she also incorporates mindfulness, meditation, and yogic principles into her coaching.

Combating loneliness is one of Nex’s top passions. She believes that loneliness contributes to a whole slew of other challenges, and that if someone can learn to connect with other people; if they can learn to have healthy, secure relationships, then they can unlock potential in other areas of their lives, too. Another one of Nex’s top passions is freedom – financial freedom in particular. She knows money isn’t everything, but she also knows a certain level of financial security can do a hell of a lot of good for most everyone. She believes the public school system failed to teach Americans almost any useful things about money. She is passionate about helping people to increase their awareness around money, and helping them to reach their financial goals.

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