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Date(s) - 07/26/2019
9:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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Irina Ideas is a multidisciplinary artist, a classical music pianist, painting in the domain of abstract and conceptual art. Her writing covers a wide spectrum including but not limited to futurism, philosophy, mythology, history, technology, humanity and travel, documenting in every direction both the surrounding and the imaginary.
“I think that art is not just about crafting a representation of visions but also an attempt to articulate the deepest layers of our subconsciousness. An attempt to find the mysterious, and the thirst for knowledge that pushes us forward, resides in this layer of our existence.”
“I believe in open source, making art and especially classical music available to all and I live stream my full process of creation, as well as learning processes. Today’s internet is about togetherness, future’s internet is about humanness, shedding the inhibitions and becoming the originals we are born to be.” ~Irina
The core of my Art:
Personally it wasn’t until I listened to the lecture by neuro-scientist John O’Keefe, that revealed to me what I was painting and seeing in my mind my entire time with art. He made a reference to the loop quantum gravity and the way brain constructs the outer reality with the inner simulator (space, direction and grid cells). At that moment I realized, why was I so obsessed with fluidity, why I wanted everything to be so fluid, but at the same time a reminiscence to the Gothic architecture with an edge that wants to rise above, a futuristic vision to fight the gravity. It was the realization that our perception of what is around us as a static environment is only so because of the evolution. We would certainly find it very hard to navigate our way if we were able to see how fluid all the particle and the universe actually is. My paintings (also sculptures) are somehow always about these topics, or underlying matrix of our reality, the fluidity of power, the power of time that changes everything and the striving towards something above and beyond, against the pull of the gravity eventually getting so condense that it makes it’s own gravity.
It is in this spirit or sphere from which I observe and internalize this world while I mix different types of arts, from paintings that get described in words of imaginary, philosophical, futuristic, mythological and historic, to the classical piano repertoire which is focused on the 20th century composers, exploring the turbulence of the 2nd world war, the mechanical, industrial and highly contemplating, researching, integrating different disciplines. My last collection of paintings that I just started this year is a visual representation of not only my thoughts and concepts but also the piano pieces that I am working on. Concepts that reflect the psychological exploration reflect in each other and I made in full synchronicity.

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